In my absence from the blogging world I have had a real struggle with what I like to call the ‘perception of perfection’ that is attached to it. Of course when posting to social media, most of us post the perfect moments. And why wouldn’t we? Who wants to see me sitting here typing away with a mason jar of sauv blanc while watching Project Runway Junior reruns. But I think I became obsessed. I got away from what the fun of all of this is…being me.
What this has become is a collage of the best moments and none of the imperfect ones. The loving photos of you and the significant other cutely cuddling in your pristine bedroom or the perfectly filtered candid with love oozing from your pores. Not the arguments in pjs with your hair up or the mouth breathing, sweaty sleep. Or perhaps the effortlessly styled outfit where you magically decided to wear your converse to contrast the dressier blouse and lipstick that will never smudge. Or my favorite shot of your amazingly styled chic apartment. Not a mess in sight. Meanwhile, outside of the frame there is a chair piled with outfits that didn’t make the cut and last nights half drank beer.
I, my friends, am the ULTIMATE offender these social media crimes. And honestly, I never plan to stop. And I ask you to please do not get me wrong. I don’t judge this. In fact, I applaud it. I know how much work it takes and I truly love following along. I love me a perfect shot of feet with amazing shoes and bright colored leaves. But it had become kind of an obsession for me to keep up. When I get ready in the morning, it is never good enough. I have grand ideas for how an outfit will play out and when it all comes together and I excitedly run to the mirror…a bit of disappointment comes over me and I think: 
“this is not instagram worthy.”
“What would my followers think of this?”
“Will I even get more than 20 likes?”
While I will never not post the perfect shot of my over styled coffee table or my favorite #ootd… I will admit my current #ootd consists of leggings I wore yesterday, my boyfriends hooded long sleeve and a mess of ratty curls on my head. But while I sit here, I am daydreaming away of that next snap and what the outfit will consist of. And yes, of course it includes crisp while Converse and a $2,000+ leather jacket. Duh…

Untitled #180

Alice Olivia slim fit shirt / Balmain biker jacket / J Brand jeans / Converse retro shoes, / Robe di Firenze camel backpack, Ray-Ban sunglasses / Mac cosmetic / Essie nail polish

Untitled #181
White button blouse / WithChic high low pencil skirt / Stuart Weitzman slip on pumps / Givenchy grey tote / La mer jewelry / Wish by Amanda Rose rosette necklace / Smashbox lipstick
Do you find yourself critiquing yourself based on the ‘perception of perfection’? Please let me know I am not alone.
Enjoy the weekend!

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