I have a confession, and no, it’s not an excuse about why I have been too busy to blog. Let me start from the beginning. 
I was traveling for work and it was quite the whirlwind. With traveling for work brings planes which brings runny nose, watery eyes and stuffed up heads. Which has left me with Saturday, Sunday, Monday night and Tuesday all day being home alone. I am used to being home alone these days, Milo and I have quite the opposite schedules which leaves my weekends and weeknights alone. Prior to moving in together in our own place, I lived with Grams which was like having a siamese twin and then in a house with 5 rooms, two cats and a dog. So needless to say, being alone hasn’t been a thing for a while.
So about this confession…I am a total freak when I am alone. Complete and total weirdo.


Over the past few days, I have ordered endless amounts of GrubHub. I almost feel like Miranda when the lady from the Chinese restaurant knows her order by heart and laughs. 
I talk to myself a lot. Like nearly full conversations. But as far as any of you are concerned, I was talking to the cat.
I have really done little to now house work. I usually dream of days to be home alone all day with not a thing to do and all the cleaning and organizing I could get done. Oh! The possibilities. Well, I have folded a few throw blankets, emptied the fridge, washed a few cups and vacuumed a bit. Oh and I unpacked my suitcase five days later.
I ordered prints of photos for a new gallery wall I am making and spent hours cropping and picking the perfect snaps. But that quickly turned into ordered personalized magnets with pictures of my cat on them…lord help me.
I have plucked my face of hair, I have stared at my face in the mirror. I have brainstormed outfits, watched more Vanderpump Rules and Sex and the City than I care to admit. I made one single frame with a picture of Milo and I and the champagne cork from our first night here (#pintrest). 
I have moved from kitchen to couch to bedroom to couch to kitchen with every possible power card, seven beverages, a patriots fleece blanket and my phone. 
So long story short, solo Amanda is a weirdo…and I have loved every second of it.
Do you have any weird solo behavior?
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