About Me
Thank you so much for stopping by. I started this blog so that I could share my thoughts, ideas and most importantly my daydreams. The nine to five grind get get the best of you, so this is my way to keep track of things that make me happy and inspire me to do more.
A little bit about me you ask? A twenty something with a love for fashion, sports and all things Boston. Navigating my way through post-grad life, living with my boyfriend and being a “professional”. I try never to leave the house without a little bronzer and mascara. A couple things I know? Sports, fashion, celebrity gossip and that a girl needs her friends. My drug of choice? Handbags and a good slice of pizza.

I am an event planner at a hotel by day and a blogger by night. I am obsessed with the Patriots, Bruins, PGA Golf and sometimes the Red Sox if they do not upset me. I am the reigning Fantasy Football champion in my league and I have no problem reminding all the boys daily. I can be messy sometimes, but it can be really hard to find the perfect outfit and sometimes the clothes pile up. After a bad day, I either will curl up with a diet coke and some cheez-its or a glass of sauvignon blanc. When I am not in my business-cas get ups for work, you will likely find me in denim (or leggings depending on the day…) because I strongly believe a good pair (or 10) of jeans can change your life.

So please, stay awhile and hopefully we will get to know each other!

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