Before we start the regularly scheduled program…I have to share something that caught my eye today.
During my walk to the train in the busy Downtown Crossing part of Boston, I passed a girl in her mid twenties. She was trucking through the snowy streets likely headed home. What caught my eye is she was carrying a full french baguette and without an ounce of shame, ripping pieces off and eating them on her stroll. It took everything in me not to stop and high-five her. I don’t know if it was the non-discrete consumption of straight carbs or the fact that I have been starving on my current diet (read: eating healthy and not really hungry at all but just dying for some damn bread). But I want to say to baguette girl, I applaud you. Also, can you spare a soul sister a piece? 
When I wake up on a Monday morning, the first thing I think to myself is “I really hope it is a super snowy day with school and work cancelled for most people except me!” Not.
However, with a mostly shutdown city comes a few perks. Some of the best? No line at Starbucks, a seat on the train and a speedy ride home. The other major plus of a snowy day? The snow gear. I am really a creature of habit during each season. I have my favorites and I usually stubbornly stick with them. With the blustery winds, wet sidewalks and chilly air I am able to slip on my favorite boots, my even more favorite (and typical blogger) blanket scarf and the coat my previously mentioned bad bought for me for Christmas. I almost love these things as much as my jorts! (For those unfamiliar with the term ‘jolts’, it is a loving reference to my cut-offs which are a uniform in the warmer months).

Untitled #182
Wet Seal plaid blanket scarf / J Crew hooded coat / Sorel shoes / Longchamp black handbag / Fur hat / Long fingerless glove

Do you have any steady pieces you always default to no matter what?
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