Groom and Brush Your Horse With the Best Horse Grooming Kits?

Do you know some people are spending extra money on Pilate’s courses or other kinds of training to build up their horse core, improve flexibility and stability and tighten and strengthen their legs and arms? If you own a horse, you don’t want to do all of these, as you are a horse owner and you can groom your horse most comfortably with the best horse grooming kit!

Grooming is an excellent opportunity to check out for scrapes and cuts on your horse which you haven’t notice before. It’s necessary to do this daily so you come to know about medical offerings and treat injuries early to overcome the risk of disease.

The objective of grooming your horse regularly:

The objective of grooming your horse regularly:

The main purpose of brushing is the connection. Horses enjoy the way it responds. You can search what areas they like having scratched or brushed and pay additional time on your horse favorite areas. It’s the best time to touch and attach, to treat your horse, to make them feel safe, and to reveal them your love on them. Large, and small, doses of love frequently are the key to a healthy relationship.

There are a wide variety of reasons why you should groom your horse! The most significant thing is to create a connection and trustful bond with your lovable horse. Another purpose is that most ponies enjoy being touched and receiving attention. It is a satisfying and relaxing thing for every owner to do.

You must clean your pony before saddling up. In precise, you must be concerned to clean the region where the thumbtack will be. If you neglect dirt under the thumbtack, it will create discomfort or it can create scratches. It’s like wearing socks with sand, which will either irritate you or might hurt or rub your skin. The same thing will happen to your horse if it is unbrushed. Use the best horse grooming kit to give a healthy brush.

Grooming: you may feel connected with your loved ones:

Grooming: you may feel connected with your loved ones:

Grooming earlier the ride is necessary for other purposes: you can inspect for damages while brushing, you can keep your horse protected, you own a better relationship it, and you can create first touches if there are any behavioural difficulties which might affect your riding, and so on.

Later the ride, you should brush your horse. If it is a sunny day, you can give a shower to remove the dirt and sweats from its body. Still, if the horse rolls in the dirt or grass, water will retain your horse calm. If it’s not feasible or not hot enough, grooming is still powerful. The sweat may not be eliminated, but cleaning their hair with the best horse grooming kit will hold them drained in a valid position which will be protective and more comfortable.

It is satisfying to brush all the dirt and sand in the most sensitive areas like underbelly and crotch where most of the horse owners forget to notice while cleaning their horse.

Brush your horse teeth to stay healthy:

Brush your horse teeth to stay healthy:


Similarly, you should concentrate on their teeth. There are several ways to clean their teeth using a towel or toothbrush. It is necessary to brush their teeth, notably, if a sugary feed is given to them as the feed contains molasses which can affect cavities. It can be extremely painful for a pony with a little in its mouth.

Consult the vet once or twice in a year to check out any cavities in your horse teeth. In this process, the horse settles down and its head is placed into a tie-down and lifted, then a tool or best horse grooming kit are inserted into your horse’s jaws to open its mouth mildly so the Vet can see a cavity in your horse and treat them. This is a task your horse simply won’t do willingly. At this time, the Vet or you can clean your horse’s teeth.

There are several methods to do brushing in your horse, particularly if you are serving with them from their young age, it can be pretty quick and it will let you clean their teeth with a toothbrush no toothpaste. Some people use baking soda and clean their mouths with a soft tube after it.

The important thing to be noted is you should not give feeds with sugar. Carrots are ideal because it doesn’t strike between their teeth. They are normally sweet but not including molasses or sugar.

The best horse grooming kits – brush all the dirt away:

Brush your horse teeth to stay healthy:


There are best products on the store which can brush your horse’s teeth, as like chewing for cats and dogs. Though, horses grind contrarily than a dog or a cat. Horses are grazers and they have front teeth which are used for cutting grass.

This best horse grooming kit available in the market can do better than cleaning with a toothbrush. It will clean the saliva marks which are seen at the edge of their mouth with the little. This also brushes those anterior teeth honestly well. The best horse grooming kit is reasonably simple for daily practicing like giving a shower and cleaning their teeth.

You should also clean your pony when they are dropping their winter fur. They will particularly enjoy this. Presently, horses don’t trouble to be dirty. But caked-on mud and dirt can cause skin problems so it is great to be cautious. Brush and groom your horse regularly with the best horse grooming kit for their healthy life.

Tips to keep your horse clean:

The best horse grooming kits – brush all the dirt away:

  • Use only horse shampoo for your pet horse which is mixed in lukewarm water. Have a sponge and comb ready
  • Choose an area to tie the horse for brushing and bathing
  • Rub with a sponge in the whole body, except the head
  • You can utilize a sponge soaked in clear water and get assured that you have cleaned all the traces of the shampoo
  • Utilize sweat tool to expel excess water
  • Remove tie-outs with your thumbs and then smoothly comb the hair
  • Only use a wet sponge to brush the horse’s front and do not apply shampoo
  • Rub the horse’s body with an old cloth, to dehydrate your horse. Make a walk for ten minutes in the hot sun, if it’s not hot, put an anti-sweat covering or cooler sheet on the horse.

These steps will be helpful for you to clean your horse accordingly with the best horse grooming kit.

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What can hamsters eat list

You can find varieties of food list, when it comes to feeding your lovely hamster. They are not usually picky eaters, therefore suggest a mixed diet, as it’s the best key for your hamster’s well-being. There are two foremost varieties of hamster food to pick from, they are pellets and seed mixes. They carry a mix of grains, seed, minerals and vitamins.

But veggies and fresh fruits are important for well-balanced nutrition as well. Here is the different hamster food list that is secure for your hamster to feed, and the things that you should avoid while feeding them.

Acceptable foods for the hamster:

Acceptable foods for the hamster


  • Apple (seedless)
  • Blackberries
  • Banana
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Cantaloupe
  • Grapes(seedless)
  • Cranberries
  • Lychee
  • Melon
  • Mango
  • Plums (no pits)
  • Peaches (no stone)
  • Raspberry Leaves (helpful for diarrhoea)
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries


  • Asparagus
  • Bok Choy
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Cabbage (Limited amounts)
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrots
  • Chard
  • Celery
  • Chickweed
  • Chestnuts
  • Chicory
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Clover
  • Dandelion Leaves
  • Cucumbers
  • Green Beans
  • Endive
  • Parsnips
  • Kale
  • Radicchio
  • Peas
  • Spinach
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Squash
  • Swiss Chard
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Turnip
  • Zucchini
  • Water Cress

Meats and proteins foods:

  • Grilled Ground Beef (Rinse thoroughly in hot water to extract any fat)
  • Low lipid cottage cheese
  • Baked Turkey or Chicken (Cooked or baked)
  • Grasshoppers (Pet Shop)
  • Fish Cod (Cooked expelling bones and skin)
  • Crickets (Pet Shop)
  • Mealworms (Pet Shop)
  • Eggs ( boiled or scrambled)
  • Bread(whole cereals no white bread) immersed in milk ( Skim, Low Fat, Soy)
  • Plain Low Fat Yogurt
  • Plain Tofu
  • Monkey Chow
  • Dog Biscuits (No Garlic, onion, or onion powder)
  • Lab Blocks

Other foods:

  • Buckwheat
  • Cheese (soft cheeses in balance)
  • Baby Food( no onion or garlic and low sugar)
  • Cooked Pasta(Wheat or Spinach would be better)
  • Cooked traditional brown rice
  • Flaxseed
  • Low or sugarless grains
  • Dry toast(Also suitable for diarrhoea)
  • Nuts (No almonds)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (unsalted)
  • Soybeans(Roasted no salt)
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Squash seeds
  • Oatmeal(dry or dipped in low-fat milk or skim)
  • Bran and Wheat Germ (Refrigerated goes bad fast)
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Alfafa
  • Peanuts (unsalted)
  • Unsalted Popcorn (no butter)

Supplying your hamster the best food is important for their sound health. It is most beneficial if you have their diet different. You can add formulated blended food, preserved food, and also pests in their diet. The formed food should be clear of pesticides and particular to hamsters. Dwarf hamsters can have fresh hamster food such as bran, asparagus, and unsalted seeds and nuts. Any green food you supply them must be flat in the water. Because they arise from desert environments, hamster foods that are great in water can provoke diarrhoea. Pests can also be served on events such as grasshoppers and crickets.

You can also serve them with some varieties of meat, constantly cooked, and mixed egg slices. Lots of persons also give their hamsters modest amounts of infant food, particularly to an older and aged hamster will have difficulty digesting. Hamsters require variety in their food and a healthy way to append it is supplementation. Various mature hamster keepers think supplementation a complete necessity!

Hamsters can eat market or expert hamster food that is particularly formed for them. Hamsters additionally like greens such as broccoli, raw carrot, lettuce, cucumbers, hardly love-apple (tomatoes) as hard as you provide it to them when they are done as it can create their cage wet. Fresh fruits such as apples and pears are fair.

Things which are harmful to them:

Any citrus berries such as oranges

  • Any citrus berries such as oranges
  • Bananas, as they lead to saving food in their jowl pouches and they are too smooth that it makes a mush in their cheek
  • Beetroot would change everything in their living place(cage) purple
  • They don’t relish garlic or onions
  • If you feed them turkey make convinced that you nevermore give them pork
  • Stuff like chocolate and desserts are very dangerous for hamsters. You can buy pet chocolate from pet shops, but you need to be very concerned with how many you provide them as they can gain them fat.
  • Never feed your hamster those dog biscuits that cover up flesh because these wafers inflate and push toward the belly of your hamster, heading to a sharp death.

Also, don’t attempt and replace healthy hamster food for that of expert rabbit food as bunny mix carries something similar to an anti worming medication which is highly toxic to Hamsters.

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Entertaining things in the Minecraft these days make all the players satisfied and give them eagerness to enhance their performance. They explore and use every chance to be successful in their approach for building the best chicken coop without complexity in any aspect. They can pay attention to the main attractions of the chicken coop building techniques and use every chance to be smart in their way to build appropriate chicken coops. They can focus on the following details and get an overview about how they enhance their way to build the appropriate chicken coop.

A good chicken coop

It is the suitable time to focus on how to build a good chicken coop in minecraft and use every chance for improving their way to make a chicken coop. You can focus on basics and advanced aspects of the chicken coop building techniques in the Minecraft. You will get the absolute assistance and fulfil your wishes about the easiest way to decide on and use the suitable method for making the chicken coop. Smart players of this game nowadays are willing to concentrate on the DIY chicken coop plans. This is because they like to build their own chicken coop and make positive changes in their routine approach for chicken farm.

Individuals who have at least 20 chickens can start their step to build the best-in-class nature of the chicken coop on their own. They can spend enough time to focus on the minecraft tutorial and take note of the best things associated with the chick coop building techniques as comprehensive as possible. Wings of chicken in the minecraft still make the flapping animation. Every chicken is able to hide within its hopper. You can consider every aspect of the realistic chicken coop at this time and pay attention to the best suggestions for building the chicken coop. You will get enough assistance and ensure about how to make the chicken coop.

Focus on and use resources to build a chicken coop

Many people these days think about how to make a functional chicken coop and use every chance to enhance their entertainment. They can watch the video tutorial on the subject of the best chicken coop building and make a better-informed decision about how to succeed in the game play without complexity in any aspect. They have to follow suggestions from specialists in this sector and start their step to build the chicken coop from scratch for little money. They use every opportunity to build and use the chicken coop in the minecraft.

Chicken coop related things like bedding options, plans, ladder designs, horizon structures and designs nowadays not only attract residents, but also give them eagerness to choose and use the suitable resources. Playing the minecraft in the virtual world involves an array of exciting things. Almost every experienced player of this game in our time understands this fact and uses every chance for improving their game play further. They take note of attractive things about how to build the appropriate chicken coop.

Build the chicken coop

Experts in the best chicken coop nowadays think out of the box and use every chance for improving the game play. They explore and use exclusive methods for the minecraft building in the virtual world. They spend enough time to watch the video specialized in the chicken coop building tutorial and clarify their doubts about how to design and build the chicken coop as convenient as possible. Loads of interactive things all through this game environment make players of all age groups happier than ever. Every large chicken is an egg dispenser which drops the egg into the chest in the direct way. The wolf tail here can move in both up and down direction.  Players of this game get the maximum fun as they get loads of entertaining things include, but not limited to the flowers, axe, bone, feather and other things throughout the game play.

Smart and successful players of the minecraft these days take note of the best suggestions to build the chicken coop in the minecraft for automatic harvesting of eggs. They understand and ensure about everything involved in their way to build the chicken coop in the minecraft designed to assist them to harvest eggs in the automatic approach. They get the maximum control over their supply as they harvest eggs as per their requirements.

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I have a confession, and no, it’s not an excuse about why I have been too busy to blog. Let me start from the beginning. 
I was traveling for work and it was quite the whirlwind. With traveling for work brings planes which brings runny nose, watery eyes and stuffed up heads. Which has left me with Saturday, Sunday, Monday night and Tuesday all day being home alone. I am used to being home alone these days, Milo and I have quite the opposite schedules which leaves my weekends and weeknights alone. Prior to moving in together in our own place, I lived with Grams which was like having a siamese twin and then in a house with 5 rooms, two cats and a dog. So needless to say, being alone hasn’t been a thing for a while.
So about this confession…I am a total freak when I am alone. Complete and total weirdo.


Over the past few days, I have ordered endless amounts of GrubHub. I almost feel like Miranda when the lady from the Chinese restaurant knows her order by heart and laughs. 
I talk to myself a lot. Like nearly full conversations. But as far as any of you are concerned, I was talking to the cat.
I have really done little to now house work. I usually dream of days to be home alone all day with not a thing to do and all the cleaning and organizing I could get done. Oh! The possibilities. Well, I have folded a few throw blankets, emptied the fridge, washed a few cups and vacuumed a bit. Oh and I unpacked my suitcase five days later.
I ordered prints of photos for a new gallery wall I am making and spent hours cropping and picking the perfect snaps. But that quickly turned into ordered personalized magnets with pictures of my cat on them…lord help me.
I have plucked my face of hair, I have stared at my face in the mirror. I have brainstormed outfits, watched more Vanderpump Rules and Sex and the City than I care to admit. I made one single frame with a picture of Milo and I and the champagne cork from our first night here (#pintrest). 
I have moved from kitchen to couch to bedroom to couch to kitchen with every possible power card, seven beverages, a patriots fleece blanket and my phone. 
So long story short, solo Amanda is a weirdo…and I have loved every second of it.
Do you have any weird solo behavior?
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From a young age, we are exposed to the idea that the more candy attached to cards with your name in a mom’s handwriting you have in your sticker covered paper bag, the better. And then as we get older, anonymous ‘candy grams’ will be sent to you in fifth period and the feeling of only getting one from your best friend was the pits. Now, getting flowers at work is the ultimate badge of honor, unless you are me and your dad is the one who always sends them. I think it’s the best, but the looks of judgement say otherwise. 
Ya, you guess it. It’s that time of year again ladies. The much anticipated and even more loathed Valentine’s Day is here. I am sure those two words bring on two very distinct reactions.
one) butterflies, anticipation and excitement.
two) dread and loathing. 
I’ve agreed with the cliche that most pesimistic or sarcastic women spew to their girlfriends over wine and pizza in their sweats. The movies have ruined us. Life and relationships are nothing like The Notebook. Blah blah blah. Frankly, I am bored with it. I just don’t think one day should be the narrative for a relationship.
Truthfully, I fall somewhere in the middle of it all. I don’t love the Hallmark holiday and I don’t hate it either. I have never had a bad Valentine’s Day really. In my twenty eight years, I have had what I consider three serious relationships. Number one in high school that lasted about six months and February was not included. Number two was an eight and a half year relationship that had a few great ones and a few ones that felt forced. But there was always a sense of effort. The third, is relationship number one revisited. That high school boy who was my first love and my first terrible heartbreak is now the one I love again. This particular one makes me feel a small amount of those butterflies.
The best part of Valentine’s day past are the not so perfect gifts. One time, I was sent a potted plant with a lady bug sleeve made of felt wrapped around it. Another, I was given two t-shirts, one small and one large because he was unsure of my size (MEDIUM?!) The best part? One of the shirts was this. 


Do you recognize it? Yup, it’s form the Hills. But then again, considering the leg stands and jello shots being consumed during my life at that time, it was probably perfect with just enough room for my beer belly to fit under. These still make me laugh, they are the best part of the holiday’s past. 
Anyways, back to my real dilemma lies. And I use the word ‘dilemma’ very lightly. I like to play the cool girl role. The “I don’t care about this holiday, don’t worry about it”. Secretly, I want it all. I have found myself feeling this need for the big romantic gestures. The candlelit dinners and amazing, over the top gifts. Maybe because I am happy in what I have, I want that movie scene to be my own. But really, does a Valentine’s Day dictate it all? 
I don’t think so. I think the little things like a reach for your hand in a movie or the belly laughing over the stupid things is what counts. So that is where my focus has been turned to. It’s not an easy task. We are in a world where comparison, envy and gloating are king. Even as I write this, I have read and re-read every sentence to make sure it doesn’t sound like any of those adjectives. I believe true happiness lies within the little things. The happiness that you have in your day to day encounters. Everything else is just icing the proverbial cake. Am I perfect in my practice of these preaches? Not one single bit. But this is my new mantra. With that said, I hope your Valentine’s Days are full with girlfriends, wine and laughter or the grand gestures that make your heart flutter. 
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Before we start the regularly scheduled program…I have to share something that caught my eye today.
During my walk to the train in the busy Downtown Crossing part of Boston, I passed a girl in her mid twenties. She was trucking through the snowy streets likely headed home. What caught my eye is she was carrying a full french baguette and without an ounce of shame, ripping pieces off and eating them on her stroll. It took everything in me not to stop and high-five her. I don’t know if it was the non-discrete consumption of straight carbs or the fact that I have been starving on my current diet (read: eating healthy and not really hungry at all but just dying for some damn bread). But I want to say to baguette girl, I applaud you. Also, can you spare a soul sister a piece? 
When I wake up on a Monday morning, the first thing I think to myself is “I really hope it is a super snowy day with school and work cancelled for most people except me!” Not.
However, with a mostly shutdown city comes a few perks. Some of the best? No line at Starbucks, a seat on the train and a speedy ride home. The other major plus of a snowy day? The snow gear. I am really a creature of habit during each season. I have my favorites and I usually stubbornly stick with them. With the blustery winds, wet sidewalks and chilly air I am able to slip on my favorite boots, my even more favorite (and typical blogger) blanket scarf and the coat my previously mentioned bad bought for me for Christmas. I almost love these things as much as my jorts! (For those unfamiliar with the term ‘jolts’, it is a loving reference to my cut-offs which are a uniform in the warmer months).

Untitled #182
Wet Seal plaid blanket scarf / J Crew hooded coat / Sorel shoes / Longchamp black handbag / Fur hat / Long fingerless glove

Do you have any steady pieces you always default to no matter what?
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In my absence from the blogging world I have had a real struggle with what I like to call the ‘perception of perfection’ that is attached to it. Of course when posting to social media, most of us post the perfect moments. And why wouldn’t we? Who wants to see me sitting here typing away with a mason jar of sauv blanc while watching Project Runway Junior reruns. But I think I became obsessed. I got away from what the fun of all of this is…being me.
What this has become is a collage of the best moments and none of the imperfect ones. The loving photos of you and the significant other cutely cuddling in your pristine bedroom or the perfectly filtered candid with love oozing from your pores. Not the arguments in pjs with your hair up or the mouth breathing, sweaty sleep. Or perhaps the effortlessly styled outfit where you magically decided to wear your converse to contrast the dressier blouse and lipstick that will never smudge. Or my favorite shot of your amazingly styled chic apartment. Not a mess in sight. Meanwhile, outside of the frame there is a chair piled with outfits that didn’t make the cut and last nights half drank beer.
I, my friends, am the ULTIMATE offender these social media crimes. And honestly, I never plan to stop. And I ask you to please do not get me wrong. I don’t judge this. In fact, I applaud it. I know how much work it takes and I truly love following along. I love me a perfect shot of feet with amazing shoes and bright colored leaves. But it had become kind of an obsession for me to keep up. When I get ready in the morning, it is never good enough. I have grand ideas for how an outfit will play out and when it all comes together and I excitedly run to the mirror…a bit of disappointment comes over me and I think: 
“this is not instagram worthy.”
“What would my followers think of this?”
“Will I even get more than 20 likes?”
While I will never not post the perfect shot of my over styled coffee table or my favorite #ootd… I will admit my current #ootd consists of leggings I wore yesterday, my boyfriends hooded long sleeve and a mess of ratty curls on my head. But while I sit here, I am daydreaming away of that next snap and what the outfit will consist of. And yes, of course it includes crisp while Converse and a $2,000+ leather jacket. Duh…

Untitled #180

Alice Olivia slim fit shirt / Balmain biker jacket / J Brand jeans / Converse retro shoes, / Robe di Firenze camel backpack, Ray-Ban sunglasses / Mac cosmetic / Essie nail polish

Untitled #181
White button blouse / WithChic high low pencil skirt / Stuart Weitzman slip on pumps / Givenchy grey tote / La mer jewelry / Wish by Amanda Rose rosette necklace / Smashbox lipstick
Do you find yourself critiquing yourself based on the ‘perception of perfection’? Please let me know I am not alone.
Enjoy the weekend!

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So this is awkward.
Hey. It’s been awhile. Where have I been? Well…
Sometimes, life happens and you lose your desire to continue things you once loved. Over the past year and a half, my life has turned upside down and where I am sitting at this moment is not a place I ever imagined. Since I was last posting regularly, I have moved three times, changed jobs twice, ended a relationship that was a centerpiece of this blog, broke down, got the fuck back up. 
I miss this place. 
Do you mind if I share somethings that happened? 
I fell in love.
While no love is perfect, it is astonishing to me how I could find a person who filled the holes that had grown in me. He makes me want more for myself and for us. He challenges me in a way that I never imagined was possible. He drives me crazy. He makes me laugh harder than I ever had. He is gentle and strong. He is handsome as hell and intensely hard working. He makes me smile at just the thought of him. He literally is my person.
I got my dream job.
I finally got the balls to apply to a fancy downtown hotel I never believed would look twice at me. Well, surprise, they hired me. While it is still work, it is something I am passionate about and I am thrilled to have this challenge. I am also exhausted from it but hey, that’s adult life, no?
I made a new amazing circle of friends.
I lucked into this amazing community of people that I never dreamed of knowing. They are all so different and so awesome. They have welcomed me in and made me one of their own. They are fun, intensely caring and people I plan on keeping around.
I realized existing group of friends were a fiercely loyal and loving group.
You know, it sucks that it happens this way. But when my world fell apart around me, my friends rallied and protected me. They picked me up and cheered as I stood on my own two feet. You guys are the light of my life. <3
I broke down again.
For whatever reason, the old friends, new friends, wonderful love and great job weren’t enough. I was just fucking angry. I felt like I had come so far to be knocked the back down on my ass. I had started over, and it was looking extremely bright but it wasn’t enough for me. It felt lonely and dark. While I don’t feel 100%, I am starting to feel more positive. Hence the epic (lol…) return. 
All of these things caused me to lose sight of this special place I created and the community I was part of. But now, I am settled and focused. I am anxious to bring Denim and Daydreams back to life. I am eager to bring myself 100% back to life. Not for the followers or the likes but for the outlet. I want to have my creative space back so here I am. If you are still out there, I am excited to ‘see’ you. I haven’t stopped following you all and I hope we can connect again. I can’t promise this will be the same place it was. I do promise I will be writing more. Being more honest. And of course, the lifestyle and fashion parts that are a part of me will be here. So, let’s do this.


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I tend to be a really terrible over-packer. Some may use the term ‘chronic over-packer’. But once that bag is more than likely checked, the carry-on is the most important traveling accessory. One wrong move wit the carry-on and your whole flight can be ruined. Believe it or not, I like to keep my carry-on simple and organized. Just the essentials to avoid digging around for boarding passes or chapstick.

Untitled #178
Leather zipper tote / MARC BY MARC JACOBS tablet sleeve, / MANGO lip care / Burt s Bees beauty product, / Aerie fall home decor / powerstation / Skinnydip London Soundbuds, 

First things first, the entertainment. A good iPad/tablet case is great for not only protecting your electronics, but to stash boarding passes and other important papers. In addition to the electronics, I always tote around a few magazines. They are the perfect distraction to help pass the time. Throw in a good pair of headphones and a juice pack for your phone/tablet and all of the entertainment needs are covered.
The bag is pretty important as well. Large enough to comfortably fit all of your belongings and lots of pockets are a must. I always carry cuticle cream to keep my hands soft, chapstick for my lips and a big scarf to keep warm. Lastly, there is nothing worse than that yucky and dirty feeling I have once I get off the plane. I like to bring make-up wipes for a quick refresh.  
What are your carry-on essentials?
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